3D visualisations in virtual reality (VR)

Experience VR 3D visualisation

The image below is a 3DGuy VR 3D visualisation of a reception area in a corporate office space. The interactive 360° image allows you to view the space in it’s entirety. If you’re viewing this on your smartphone, tilt your smartphone around and look in any direction. If you’re viewing this on your PC, just drag your mouse around the image to view the full 360° image.

To experience the space in virtual reality, place your smartphone into your VR headset viewer and immerse yourself in the virtual space.  You’ll think you’re actually there!

You don’t need an expensive headset to view 3D visualisations in VR – you can use the entry level Google Cardboard inspired VR-X1. Order yours from 3DGuy today! These viewers can also be custom branded to showcase your company branding, logo or messaging. All you need to do is send us your artwork which will be full colour printed directly onto our high quality cardboard viewer.


Welcome to the next dimension in 3D visualisation – virtual reality (VR)

    Traditionally architectural and product visualisation were 2D images and was an artist’s impression of a space. Then with the introduction of 3D photorealistic renderings, clients were offered a much more realistic image of what to expect. Now with accessibility of virtual reality (VR),  there’s no visualisation technique quite as exciting and memorable as 3D visualisations in virtual reality (VR).

VR 3D visualisations offer immersive experiences of digital models

    With VR 3D visualisation, architects, designers, property developers or marketing and product managers can offer clients immersive experiences of their digital models. With the use of a standard modern smart phone and a simple economical mobile VR headset (such as a 3DGuy VR-X1 or Google cardboard), clients can now be transported into the 3D visualisation virtually immersing themselves in the designed space.

    This offers an unmatched experience of visualisation as though standing within a scaled photo-realistic mock-up of the proposed space. It allows architects and property owners to virtually walk around a new concept building before its construction. It can also demonstrate any issues with the building structure before it’s built, avoiding costly post-build alterations.

VR visualisation can communicate your ideas and projects unlike any other technology or presentation format

    Our research has also shown that the use of VR in 3D visualisations is innovative and memorable as people remember our 3D visualisations more than those of our competitors. And to add to your client’s brand experience, VR viewers can even be custom branded with your company logo and design! Together with VR 3D visualisations, 3DGuy also offers locally produced custom branded VR viewers that will seal the client’s experience with your brand!

    VR 3D visualisation can be used in Architecture, Marketing and Branding, Product Design, Research, Training and Education and so much more! Regardless of industry, showcasing a design concept or idea with VR 3D visuals is exciting, innovative and will be an experience that will always be remembered.

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