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By May 19, 2017#3DGuyVRAppoftheweek

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This week’s #3DGuyVRappoftheweek, Unimersiv, is a brilliant educational app that’s great for students and adults wanting to develop business or language skills! 

Unimersiv is an educational app that offers a selection of educational experiences in virtual reality (VR) and 3D 360º.

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Varied content

The app offers three types of content; the VR experiences; VR courses and VR video.

Captivating educational experiences

The app is a great platform for students to virtually explore a variety of educational experiences like taking a journey into the human brain or traveling back in time to Ancient Rome.

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The educational experiences are not only great for kids and students but for adults too!

Get smarter with VR courses

The app offers business related courses from Understanding Business Strategy to learning a new language like Chinese and Italian.

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The app also offers videos that aren’t 3D or VR but you can watch them as though in a classroom while watching on a massive screen.

 I loved the experiences Journey through the Human Brain – although it was a bit slow – and Mastering Chinese Basics.  

The app is free but there are experiences that have a fee; these are called the Premium experiences.

I really enjoyed this app and will keep this app on my phone for all future offerings.

You don’t need a special VR viewer to take part in this experience – you can use a Google Cardboard or a 3DGuy VR viewer! If you don’t have one, you can order your own 3DGuy viewer here.

Give it a try! You can download the Android app here.

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