3D services

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3D visualisation retail 3D rendering design

At 3DGuy, we capture high quality 3D scans of your properties or spaces so that you can showcase them as virtual tours!

Let us capture your spaces so that your clients can explore your properties, homes, corporate offices, retail stores – ANY spaces – as if they were really there!

High quality photo realistic visuals

3DGuy offers photo realistic visualisation services which include 3D modeling, 3D renderings, 3D walkthrough animations and virtual reality animations on spaces or products visualised – across a number of industries – retail, commercial, residential and product design.

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3D printing for product prototyping

Seeing is believing

Whether you have a slight idea, an existing blueprint or just a sketch, 3DGuy can bring your idea to life.

High precision prototyping

3DGuy also offers high precision prototyping that is professional full colour 3D printing for industrial or commercial use.