Introducing the VR-X1 virtual reality (VR) viewer

By July 30, 2016Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience virtual reality (VR)

Transport yourself to places you have never been before with the VR-X1 (Virtual Reality Xplora 1) viewer headset!

Inspired by the Google Cardboard, the VR-X1 gives you the opportunity to explore virtual reality (VR) for yourself at an affordable cost!

Entertaining, educational and fun

Experience immersive movies, 360 videos and photographs, travel the world and visit islands, monuments, cathedrals, architectural marvels – even the wonders of the world!

Experience adventurous activities like hiking, cliff jumping, roller coaster rides, virtual racing – and so much more! Pretty cool huh?

Affordable and durable

Think virtual reality is too expensive and only for the elite? With the VR-X1 viewers, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality right now at a super affordable cost! Made from durable laminated cardboard, the VR-X1 offers real value for money with a longer lasting, easily cleanable option. It also comes in a protective sleeve for easy storage!

Easy to use

Anyone with an Android or iOS *smartphone can enjoy virtual reality with the VR-X1 viewer. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

1.  Download the Google cardboard application

2.  When prompted, scan in the QR code included on your VR-X1 viewer

3.  Insert your smartphone into the VR-X1

4.  Experience the spectacular world of VR!

You can explore the growing library of Google cardboard demos available or download other VR applications, games or movies.

*featuring a gyroscope and accelerometer


To order your VR-X1, contact 3DGuy:

[email protected]

082 945 7081

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