Get your company branded virtual reality (VR) viewer

By August 18, 2016Virtual Reality (VR)


Separate your brand from the competition

Top brands are using virtual reality (VR) to showcase their products or services in a truly experiential or immersive way. Stay ahead of the game by integrating VR into your marketing mix. This is the closest thing to reality!

Bring your brochures to life

VR is being used to a rapidly growing number of industries – retail, fashion, travel, tourism, automotive, property, etc. VR now gives businesses a creative, innovative and unforgettable way to introduce your products or services! Forget the old school brochures – with VR, you can bring your brochures to life and captivate your audiences by enabling them to virtually experience your products or services as if they were already there!

Maximise brand awareness

3DGuy offers full colour custom branded virtual reality viewers to help you maximise your brands’ awareness in a captive and innovative way! Viewers are made from durable laminated cardboard and offers real value for money with a longer lasting, easily cleanable option. They also come in a company branded protective sleeve for easy storage!

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