Help fight climate change with Cleanopolis VR

By April 21, 2017#3DGuyVRAppoftheweek

Branded Google Cardboard South Africa


This week’s #3DGuyVRappoftheweek is both educational and fun! Both you and the kids will love this VR experience! 

Captain Clean needs you!

Cleanopolis is an environmentally friendly educational VR app which aims to promote energy saving and the use of solar energy.

Your mission in the game is to help Captain Clean fight climate change and reduce the CO2 cloud in the city of Cleanopolis.

Fun and educational

Branded Google Cardboard South Africa            Branded Google Cardboard South Africa

The app includes 4 districts and 8 fun mini-games that help to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases – and improve your reflexes.

It also includes quizzes throughout the game that help you determine your carbon footprint and learn how you can improve it.

This is a great way to educate kids on climate change. Gameplay is simple and the graphics are decent.

You don’t need an expensive VR headset to experience this in VR. You can use your mobile phone and an entry level Google Cardboard 3DGuy VR viewer.

You can also play the game online if you don’t have a Google Cardboard yet or you can order yours from 3DGuy today.

You can download the app here.

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