3DGuy’s Top 25 FREE VR Experiences

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Branded Google Cardboard South Africa

Most people think that the only way to experience VR is by using a premium, and often expensive, VR headset, but with mobile VR, almost everyone can experience the thrill of VR!

Thanks to Google Cardboard, using a mobile phone and a simple, inexpensive VR headset for under R180.00 like 3DGuy’s VR-X1 or VR2, anyone can immersive themselves into exciting, emotionally stirring or even terrifying VR experiences!  Read More

Immersive VR medical training with VLIPPmed

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Google Cardboard South Africa


This week’s #3DGuyVRappoftheweek is the 25th and final #3DGuyVRappoftheweek feature! It’s VLIPPmed, which uses 360º video or live streaming to educate medical professionals and students all over the world. This one has an age restriction of 18+.

Next week we start a new feature that will look at how brands and industries can use virtual reality (VR). #3DGuyVR Read More