Custom branded Google Cardboard VR viewers

Increase your brand exposure with Google Cardboard!

Branded Google Cardboard South Africa

Print branded Google Cardboard

Get full-colour custom branded Google Cardboard inspired virtual reality viewers.  

Viewers are made from durable laminated cardboard and offers real value for money with a longer lasting, easily cleanable option. 
They also come with a branded protective sleeve for easy storage!

Minimum quantity of 200!

Great discounts on bulk orders! 

“VR can be used for marketing, branding, advertising and customer engagement.”

Mail ready branded Google Cardboard

Get full-colour custom print branded Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers that can be mailed to your customers!
The VR Xpress is a foldable and mail ready Google Cardboard version that’s easy to unfold and cost effective!
This Google Cardboard also gives you an A4 size area for additional marketing and branding! You can include an introduction to your company; promote a VR experience or App;  include a marketing or promotional message – anything you want your customers and potential customers to know!
The thrill and excitement of unfolding, assembling and experiencing virtual reality will be such a memorable experience, they’ll want to share the experience!

Minimum quantity of 200!

Branded Google Cardboard South Africa
Branded Google Cardboard inspired viewers

“More and more businesses are incorporating VR in their marketing approach.”