Experience Pearl – Google’s Oscar nominated VR experience

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Experience Pearl using Google Cardboard inspired 3DGuy VR viewer


Travel through life with Sara and her dad

Pearl is a sweet emotional story about a girl named Sara growing up with her traveling musician dad.

The VR (virtual reality) story was first published on Google Spotlight Stories.

The VR experience follows the lives of Sara and her father, as they travel through life making a living singing and playing guitar while traveling on the road.

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Practice for public speaking events and job interviews in VR

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Google Cardboard in South Africa


Happy New Year and welcome back to the weekly #3DGuyVRappoftheweek!

Improve your public speaking skills

 It’s the start of the New Year which generally means we’re feeling rested, positive about what lies in store for the year ahead, and looking forward to new opportunities and challenges.

For some, that could be getting that promotion you’ve wanted or finally taking the plunge and get a new job.

This week’s #3DGuyVRappoftheweek can help with both!

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Travel in virtual reality with Ascape

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virtual reality travel with 3DGuy


Become a virtual reality traveller with this week’s #3DGuyVRappoftheweek, Ascape.

Get some travel inspiration

It’s that time of the year where we’re all looking forward to taking a little bit of a break and are planning our much needed holiday getaway.

For some of us though, we’re stuck at home or worse – can’t decide where to go!

This is where this week’s #3DGuyVRappoftheweek can help you out with some travel inspiration!

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