About 3DGuy

3DGuy specialises in providing high quality photo-realistic 3d visualisations for all industries, from architectural, corporate, commercial/retail and residential, to the advertising industry.

Our story

3DGuy was founded by Bruce Baker in 2014 born from a love for all things 3D, emerging new technologies, and a passion for creating lifelike visualisations.

Today, 3D visuals are used in a wide variety of industries and has become an essential part of projecting design concepts.

At 3DGuy, we understand how useful a 3D visual can be to help sell those design ideas by creating lifelike visuals that tell your story.

Working together with architects, interior designers, product developers, advertising, and marketing professionals, 3DGuy visuals effectively illustrate design concepts and brings those concepts to life.

3D visualisations in virtual reality (VR)

3DGuy also offers 3D visualisations in virtual reality which provides immersive experiences of digital models. This offers an unmatched experience of visualisation as though standing within a scaled photorealistic mock-up of the 3d designed space.

3D outsourcing made easy

Outsourcing your 3D modeling, rendering or visualisation services is a great way to lower costs and time for businesses who don’t have the means to do these types of designs in-house.

Working in partnership with 3D visualisers, CAD technicians, printers, VR film experts and developers, no project is too big or small – but if we’re not the right fit for your project, we’ll say so!!

We love what we do and we love working with our clients and partners.

3DGuy services include:

  • 3D visualisations
  • 3D visualisations in virtual reality
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D rendering
  • 3D visualisations for architectural or space planning or product design
  • Space planning
  • 3D printing for product prototyping
  • 3D design
  • 3D scanning

Bringing virtual reality (VR) to the masses

At 3DGuy we’re also obsessed with virtual reality and believe everybody needs to experience it! 3DGuy offers individual or custom branded VR viewers to companies who want to captivate audiences and maximise their brand awareness.

3DGuy 3D Guy
To learn more about 3DGuy and the 3D services we offer, give us a call or email us! 


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