3 reasons why you should use 3D visualisation when designing architecture

By April 13, 20173D visualisation

3D visualisation 3D rendering South Africa

Architectural design involves a number of factors that must be addressed such as reliability, performance, site specific conditions, creativity, costs, etc

Today, 3D visuals are used in a wide variety of industries and has become an essential part of architectural design in, not only effectively projecting design concepts, but also in assisting architects and property developers in making accurate and effective design decisions

3D visualisation not only inspires creativity and innovation, but can also play a crucial role in the architectural design quality and process.

Here are three reasons why:

      1. Maximum cost benefits

3D visualisation is the most affordable and effective way to view a project before it goes on site.

With 3D visualisation, you can simulate costly design concepts before going through the time and expense of building them.

You are also more likely attract investors to the project.

      2. Points out flaws in a design

 3D visualisation can also point out flaws or gaps of a design in the early stages of the design process. This saves time and costly spending on fixing faults at later stages.

Any alterations and changes in the design can be easily done with 3D visualisation. You can also manipulate 3D models in a way that you can’t with 2D CAD drawings. Different scenarios can also be tested on designs, helping to validate your designs and identify any potential problems.

      3. Improves visual communication

As an architect, you need to accurately pitch your design vision to your client.

By using 3D visualisation, you eliminate any possibility of miscommunication or uncertainty between you and your client – or your stakeholders and investors.

3D visualisation allows you to convey your creative ideas clearly and your client can interpret your designs exactly as you intended. You can use the 3D visuals for investor presentations, advertising reels or interactive applications as well. Conveying such a clear picture of what your design will look will raise the likelihood of stakeholder approval.

You also give your client and stakeholders the added reassurance that the final design will meet with their expectations.

3D visualisation has become an indispensable tool in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. It is the key to effective and accurate architectural design and a sure way to win your next competition. It also allows the imagination to translate the most daring ideas into reality.

3D visualisation can be used in all architectural projects including residential buildings, shopping centers, hotels, industrial buildings, offices etc.

Corporate 3D visualisation

3D visualisation 3D rendering South Africa

Retail 3D visualisation

3D visualisation retail 3D rendering design

Residential 3D visualisation

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