3D Scanning & Virtual Tours


3D visualisations

We'll bring your creative concepts to life


3D visualisations in virtual reality (VR)

Bring your projects to life with VR immersive 3D visualisations


3D Scanning & Virtual Tours

At 3DGuy, we capture high quality 3D scans of your properties or spaces.

Explore a virtual tour of a property we recently scanned in Europe and see what we can do for you.

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Seeing is believing!

3DGuy offers photorealistic 3D visualisation services which include 3D modeling, 3D renderings, 3D walkthrough animations and virtual reality (VR) visualisations on spaces or products visualised.

Can be used across a number of industries including retail, commercial, residential and product design.

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Bring your ideas to life in VR

There are several ways to visualise architectural spaces and products, and various benefits to these techniques.

But there’s no technique quite as exciting and memorable as 3D visualisations in virtual reality (VR).

High precision prototyping

3DGuy offers high precision prototyping that is professional full colour 3D printing for industrial or commercial use.


Separate your brand from the competition

Maximise your brand’s awareness in a captive and innovative way! 3DGuy offers full colour custom branded virtual reality viewers to help you separate your brand from the competition.


Branded Google Cardboard inspired viewers

Watch some of our works